Local area

camping facilities drachten beesterzwaag bakkeveen

The beautiful surroundings of our campsite give this area its natural charm and charisma.

Enjoy the the forests of Olterterp and Beetsterzwaag.
Explore the moorlands of Lippenhuizen and Bakkeveen.

The area offers many possibilities with its forests, moorland stream valleys and natural areas such as:

  • Cycling
  • Walking
  • Canoeing
  • Klokkenstoel routes
  • Farm routes
  • Church routes
  • Equestrian Trail riding routes
  • Fishing

The canal behind the camp, which opens onto the stream Het Koningsdiep, offers our visiting anglers the opportunity to fish for a wide variaty of fish including pike, perch and eel.

The origin of the Noble village
Beetsterzwaag with its quaint and charming shops, restaurants, golf course and galleries offer you a range of possibilities. The old buildings give the area its rich culture and historical look. The area also offers one of the largest and finest golf courses in the Netherlands and a subtropical wave pool plus a 50m swimming pool(the Lauswolt in Drachten). A nice alternative for a rainy day.

Charming villages
At a short distance you will find quaint villages with many sights that are definitely worth the trouble to visit.

Let Southwest-Friesland Surprise you with its beauty and opportunities!